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MerMade 384 Well DNA / RNA Synthesizer

MerMade 384 well DNA synthesizerDesigned for Genome scale and other ultra high throughput projects, the MerMade 384 offers a balance between speed and flexibility while sacrificing none of the technical excellence and reliability that has become synonymous with the BioAutomation name. The synthesizer allows the parallel synthesis of four 96 well plates of standard, degenerate or modified DNA and RNA in column or plate format for applications such as sequencing, PCR, gene building, siRNA, microarrays, ribozymes, antisense molecules, aptimers & fluorescent probes. Degenerate and modified and standard oligos can be synthesized on the same plate and different yields and quality can be specified for each plate. Operation of the MerMade384 is simplified by the easy to use Mr. Oligo software which includes a Run Setup Wizard to guide the operator through the process of preparing a run and a variety of editors to assist in the creation of synthesis Scripts and general service operations.

BioAutomation can provide technical expertise in helping you determine which synthesizer is right for your applications and offers the same high quality customer service and after sales support that it provides with its other products.

MerMade 384 well RNA / DNA Synthesizer

MerMade-384 standard features include:

Reaction scales from 5 nmole to 1 micromole
Column or 96 well Plate format
S-Oligo synthesis
Low reagent dead volume configuration to minimize reagent waste
UPS back up to allow synthesis recovery in the event of power loss
Integration with in-house databases for automated sequence transfer
10 amidite ports
Dedicated thio reagent bottle
Cleavage apparatus
Deprotection Apparatus

Optional features:

Waste disposal manifold for safe transferal of reagent waste
Ultra-low dead volume bottle mount for expensive modifiers (>50microliters)
Multiple reagent cap adapters as well as keg type
Bar code reader
Custom integration of Mr. Oligo software with in house LIMS

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