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Link technologies Tools for molecular biology

BioAutomation has teamed up with Link Technologies to provide a high quality reagent source to our customers in Europe. Link brings our customers in Europe a scientific team with extensive experience of the application of chemical techniques to biochemistry and molecular biology. Link has a track record of developing novel reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis and modifications, as well as an un-rivaled reputation for customer service and technical support.


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Bosung Science was the clear choice to support BioAutomation's sales and service in Korea. Bosung sold the first DNA synthesizer in South Korea and has extensive experience in the DNA synthesis market. They offer a broad range of products to support the DNA synthesis market and have the technical expertise to support a broad range of products.


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Wako is our premiere MerMade supplier for the Japanese market. They offer dedicated customer service, technical support, and application specialists for all areas of combinatorial chemistry.


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AceProbe is BioAutomation's distributor in India and brings a highly qualified and motivated team to Bioautomation's customers. Utilizing extensive knowledge of the South Asian Biotechnology market and experienced sales, engineering, and applications specialist, AceProbe is a strong partner for BioAutomation and our customers. AceProbe is growing into a Leading Biotech Partner for the Indian Scientific Community providing innovative solutions and consistent service.


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